Glass Pool Fencing: Make Your Pool A Feature

Every swimming pool at home needs a pool gate for both security and safety reasons. It would be tragic to witness a child drowing in an unsecured pool. Having a pool that is not properly secured could also lead to a lawsuit.

If you want a pool fence system that will both protect kids from falling in and even add to the appearance of the pool, then you should think of opting for the glass pool fencing system. This fencing system has a lot more benefits than the traditional pool fencing materials. It has a better appearance than wood or aluminium.

The view of your pool should be considered when making a choice. Who said you have to sacrifice safety for aesthetics? Who said you can’t have both?

You will want to have the rays of the sun hit the pool, making your pool and backyard look dazzling. Some pool fence systems may obstruct elegant sights, but not the glass pool fence. With this, you will get an unobstructed view.

The great aspect is that the glass fencing system is more affordable in the long run because of its low cost of maintenance. It doesn’t rot, nor rust, unlike the wood or aluminium pool gate.

The glass fencing system is usually more impervious to the elements, meaning that you don’t have to bother about regularly replacing dented panels or boards that are rotten. You won’t have to spend time, effort and money combating rust, mold, and so on. While buying a glass pool fencing system, ensure that you procure from a reputable company like Aquaview.

Not only does it add beauty to its environment, the glass pool fence allows you to have an improved security because the kids will be easily seen avoiding any sneaking into the pool area.

Glass Pool Fencing Options

There are usually two different styles of the glass pool fencing. They are Semi-Frameless and the Frameless Glass Pool Fences. Both are available from Aquaview, and other top brands in the glass pool fencing niche.

Though both glass pool fences have similar benefits, the semi-frameless pool gate is known to have thin posts that separate the various section of the glass. On the other hand, the frameless pool gate brings a view that is totally unobstructed.

Both will usher in a stunning look to your pool area, improving both the value of the house and its beauty.

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