DIY jobs to improve your living room

It can be depressing to live in a home that you don’t really enjoy, and this is especially true if your main household relaxation space, the living room, just isn’t up to the job of helping that relaxation process.


Whether you call it a living room, a sitting room or a lounge, it’s arguably the most important room in your home. If it is getting in the way of having an enjoyable place to live, you need to take action.

You can redecorate your living room surprisingly easily and without having to spend large amounts of money. One of the joys of DIY is that even time-consuming projects will usually come with significant cost savings. It doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly skilled because your abilities will improve with practice.

Here are some ideas to help you find ways to improve your living room with DIY jobs.

Research and plan

It’s easy to ignore the need to research and plan your DIY projects, but this will save you a lot of time and grief if you do it thoroughly. Decide what you want to do and why, draw up a budget, and map out a timetable of when you will carry out the various works. Time spent planning and preparing will save time further down the line.

Decide what you don’t like and what you want to do about it, then start implementing your ideas.

Remove the clutter

This is a simple way to free up space, and it’s also a good way to decide what is really precious in terms of objects and pictures. That garish piece of memorabilia from a trip to Vegas may bring back memories, but does it really fit in your living space?

Be as ruthless as you can. Most of us don’t need half of what we keep, so don’t be afraid to make decisions. What goes out can be taken to a local charity store, or you could try to sell the items online and use the money to carry out further living room improvements.

Paint your walls

Paint refreshes any room, but in a living room, it can be a transformation that makes a real difference in how much you enjoy your environment. If the room is relatively small, it is usually best to stick with neutral colors such as cream or white to help increase the sense of space. Colors that are too dark or overpowering can make the room seem even smaller than it is. You could opt for a feature wall with a vibrant color that makes a statement but doesn’t impact how big the room feels.

For larger rooms, consider using two tones that complement each other, or go for richer hues that make the space a feature.

When painting, always take the time to prepare the walls properly so paint will go on easily, and ensure that floors and any other areas that need to be protected are covered.

Renew your window coverings

A simple and elegant way to deal with your windows is to install wooden plantation shutters. They are a popular way of streamlining your living room space. Because they can be made to fit all types and sizes of windows, you can add both sound and heat insulation in addition to being able to adjust the amount of light that comes in.

Elm hardwood shutters are an example of a classic material that is stylish and smart, but there also plenty of other great choices. You simply measure your windows, and the shutters arrive with detailed instructions for installing them. You’ll find immense satisfaction when you’ve finished and generated a different ambience for your living room.

Splashes of color

If you don’t feel you can stretch your budget enough to buy new furniture, why not refresh what you have with colorful cushions and throws? Lift your floor with comfortable rugs that blend with the décor, and add pictures to walls that pick up the surrounding color patterns.

Making your living space enjoyable again

Although it can be easy to get caught up in the idea of transforming the room, try not to do too much at once. Plan your living room DIY in easy stages and take the time to get the various jobs done properly. Ask for help by having a painting party. It’s always worth getting other opinions from family and friends to ensure you end up with an enjoyable living room for everyone.

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