Christmas Traditions Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in so many places in so many ways. Whilst for us the holidays may be all about pulling crackers, opening gifts and stuffing ourselves silly on mince pies, people in other countries around the world have their own unique Christmas traditions.  

Over in Austria, for instance, they celebrate with a ‘Krampuslauf’ (or Krampus Run). People race through the streets dressed as Krampus, the half-demon, half-goat creature that punishes the bad children whilst St. Nicholas is busy rewarding the good.

And out in Norway, people spend Christmas Eve hiding away their brooms to stop them being stolen by witches whilst they sleep. This tradition came about thanks to an old Norwegian tale, that told how evil spirits would come out to cause mischief on the night before Christmas.

Want to find out more about different Christmas traditions around the world? Take a look at the infographic on this page. It’s been put together by, the online casino with a tradition for bringing you the best festive games every holiday season.

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