5 Business Benefits of Rapid Application Development

Application Development

Not all businesses have the luxury of six months to a year of developing applications to be used in fast tracking progress and streamlining business operations. As such, some businesses prefer the Rapid Application Development for faster deliveries.

According to Techopedia, Rapid Application Development is a “suite of software development methodology techniques used to expedite software application development.”

However, Rapid Application Development (RAD) simply refers to the quick development of applications without adhering to the formalities of planning and schedules.

RAD is an adaptive software development model that uses prototyping and iterative methods to faster develop applications.

In this guide, we shall have a look at the benefits that come about with the Rapid Application Development.

1. RAD Minimizes Cost Overruns and Reworks

A survey indicated that 80 per cent of IT workers spend 50 per cent of their time doing rework.

This could be brought about by having to do the development of software single-handedly as developers.

While other users like the IT department staff could easily be forgotten, they could delay the launch of an app due to rework.

Now, these rework cost the company a lot. The benefit of Rapid Application Development is that it includes all stakeholders in the development process. This minimizes situations where rework should be done.

Stakeholders are part and parcel of the development process right from the onset to launch of the application.

2. Minimizes Wastage due to short development time

RAD uses a linear development model. This allows developers to reduce wastages that may occur as a result of having a model which involves a number of staff.

Now, the benefit of using Rapid Application Development is that developers get to test the code as soon as it is developed. This ensures the time of redoing developed code at the tail-end of the testing stage is minimized.

The instant tests and data integration play a great role in minimizing the time it takes a business to fully operationalize its business idea.

3. Firms can focus more on Core Business

Because of the reduced time-frame for development, businesses are able to focus on their core function.

Instead of the business executives having to be concerned about the success of the business app, they can work on better ways to ensure the business stays afloat.

Similarly, the process of developing the app does not drag to become a bother, but takes a shorter time.

4. You get to stay ahead of the competition

The other business benefit of rapid application development is that it gives you more control over competition.

With RAD, your business does not have to lag behind for your competitors to rush ahead of you as you still drag with application development.

This model allows you to rapidly develop an application which then integrates data from your old system to reduce on downtimes. This way, competition does not get the unfair opportunity to edge you out of business.

5. Quicker On-Boarding

The advantage of having a quicker turnaround time for application development is your staffs get to quickly adjust to the functionalities of the app. This gets you much ahead, as you stand a higher chance of recovering from the times when you did not have the app.


Generally, for a business which operates in a hotly competitive environment, Rapid Application Development is the route to go.

This article displays some of the lucrative advantages that your business gets when it chooses the RAD direction as opposed to the ‘procedural’ time-wasting development model.

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