Check Out These 6 types of Van for Your Start-up Business


Vans are becoming an increasingly favoured mode of transportation for UK businesses due to a host of reasons. Some of said reasons include;

  • Their comfortability.
  • Durability; most vans are built to be sturdy and the 4×4 ones can be driven off road.
  • Load capacity; lots of space for moving all sorts of equipment, staff, as well as products for delivery
  • Versatility; asides transportation purposes, vans can also be used for all sorts of haulage.
  • Vans are also great for advertising purposes. By simply customising you van’s body by painting your business’ name and services on the side, you have an efficient and mobile signboard marketing your wares to everyone that sees it everywhere you go.

But in order to get the right benefits from purchasing a van for your start up business, you have to ensure you get one that’s ideal for your business needs. You also have to consider the comfortability of the van in order to avoid exacerbating some of the strains and stresses that come with driving a van daily for long hours.

Here are 6 possible vans you can own and use for your start up business;

  1. 4×4 vans

These are spacious vans with off road capability and are mostly used by businesses who are into construction or some other specialised line of work. Most business owners who opt for this sort of van want the strength and dexterity of a pickup truck without owning a heavy-duty pickup truck. It’s especially useful if you need a capable vehicle that can handle difficult roads in winter. A popular example of a 4×4 van is the Mercedes Sprinter.

  1. Box van

This type of van is typically cube shaped and has lots of loading space in the back. It is great for making deliveries or for transporting workers. You can customise a box van to better suit your business needs. UK delivery drivers have a preference for the following box vans; Ford Transit, and the Volkswagen Crafter.

  1. Dropside van or curtainside van

These sort of vans have a flatbed and are better suited for haulage and transporting large items. The dropside van has sides that can be opened for easier loading and are popular among those in construction.

The curtainside van also has a flatbed, but unlike the dropside, its flatbed is fully covered with a tarp that can be branded to promote your business.

  1. Refrigerated/Temperature controlled van

This sort of van has a loading compartment in the back that is temperature controlled. It’s useful for transporting perishable items such as food that needs to be kept at a certain temperature while being transported.

  1. City van

If you need a van that’s not too large and can easily manoeuvre traffic and narrow city roads, then this is a great option.

  1. Panel van

Ford Transit, and the Volkswagen Transporter are common versions of this van that you can find around the UK. It’s arguably the most popular UK van and are used by a vast range of businesses. It can come in various body types like; low, medium and high roof, as well as a short, medium or long wheelbase.

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