Top Five Shopping Centres in the UK

We all love spending our Saturday afternoons at the local shopping mall doing a spot of window shopping, picking up something nice for a loved one, or just going for something to eat. Shopping malls are pretty much part of everyday life, they are where we go to pick up all our necessities, meet friends, relax, read a book, or join fun activities. A mall has everything, clothes, items for our home, food, computers, and mobile phones – all the things we need in our day to day life. Here are some of the best malls found in the UK. 

Westfield, Stratford

At Westfield, you will find three floors of retail heaven spreading across 175,000m2. The Centre is considered one of the most popular shopping centres in the UK. It contains up to 280 shops and there’s one floor that houses a food court – there are 70 restaurants located across the site. Plus, you’ll be able to play at Aspers one of the UK’s biggest online casinos It is also famous for being the first shopping centre to use large-scale Pavegen floor tiles. These tiles help utilise kinetic energy.. 

The Metrocentre, Gateshead

It is the biggest shopping mall in the UK and Europe. The Metrocentre spans 190,000m2 and is home to well over 340 businesses – it also features a bowling alley and an Imax cinema. The building is made up of five different malls and three themed areas. Visitors will find all the major brands all under one roof, along with countless places to eat and drink.  It even has its own church located within the complex with its own chaplain. 

Trafford Centre, Manchester

Known as the second biggest shopping centre in Europe, the Trafford Centre offers shoppers everything they need. While you browse each of the 280 shops, you could take the time out to enjoy some indoor skydiving, Crazy Golf, swing from a High rope or visit the 20-screen cinema. You’ll not only be stuck in a huge shopping centre – but a beautifully designed one. Its architecture is stunning, it almost looks like a castle, palace or even Las Vegas. 

Liverpool One, Liverpool

You’ll be able to shop until you drop at Liverpool One; there are over 170 shops, bars, and restaurants spread out across the complex. The Shopping centre is split into 5 different districts to make it easier to navigate. The shopping centre offers all the usual high street brands and more. The Odeon Cinema is also located within the building – so feel free to pop in a enjoy a movie and take a load off your feet in-between shops. 

Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham

With over 200 shops waiting to be explored, the Bull Ring has always been a popular destination for shoppers. The shopping centre is made up of two main buildings, both housed under 7,000m2 of glass roofing – which is known as the ‘Skyplane’. The Bull Ring is decorated with a collection of artworks, sculptures, and photos. You can take it all in by visiting one of the many bars, coffee shops, or restaurants, and more.

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