Tatiana Regan – How She Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Despite so many people having quit smoking in recent years owing to many bans, more information about health and of course the rising costs of cigarettes, a great many people have trouble trying to kick the habit. My good friend Tatiana Regan was in this boat for a very long time and although she never really smoked that much, for her even 5 a day was more than she should have. stopping smoking became much harder than she ever envisaged, and this is why I was so proud of her when she eventually managed to quit for good, and here is how she did it.


After many failed attempts at using nicotine replacement therapy a new product was launched called Champix which Tatiana Regan thought would be her best idea for finally kicking the habit. The idea behind these tablets is that you take them for a few weeks before your quit date and they train your brain to despise the flavor of cigarettes. In fact, after just a few days of taking the tablets the cigarettes began to taste foul and this was the perfect start for Tatiana Regan. She took the tablets for a further 3 months after her quit date and they completely worked for her, she never wanted to go back to smoking because the tablets had helped her to realize just how disgusting it tastes.


Eating is a common replacement when people quit smoking and putting on weight is something which Tatiana Regan did not want to do. This is why she decided to start preparing snacks each day for the office, which she would be able to much on all day without putting on weight. Snacks are a great way to take the mind, the mouth and the hands off the habit of smoking a cigarette and they certainly helped Tatiana Regan to get rid of the habit altogether. She would prepare snacks like cucumber and carrot sticks, chopped up peppers, nuts and dried fruits, healthy snacks which helped her to get rid of the cravings.


One of Tatiana’s biggest motivations for quitting cigarettes was the spiraling cost of them and so when she did eventually quit, she decided that to provide her with some additional inspiration, she would save up all of the money which she would normally have spent on the habit. What this meant was that after just a couple of months, she was able to realize just how much it was costing her, and she could now see what she would have spent previously. To inspire herself further she decided that she would invest this money in herself every 3 months, by buying something which she had her eye on. Not only did seeing the money pile up keep her inspired but she was also able to reward herself with small gifts as she hit each goal.

Tatiana eventually quit and if you have been having difficulties, just know that you can too!

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