Reduce The Pain Points Of Shipping Your IT Equipment Across Borders

With technologies advancing faster than ever before, and countless service providers preparing to expand globally, there is great opportunity for value-added resellers to begin making international connections particularly where cloud-based technologies are concerned. Companies that are growing must set up the type of infrastructure that is necessary to transmit a strong signal to their users, and most often this IT equipment cannot be manufactured locally. It must be imported from elsewhere.

As a reseller who has the materials they need for conducting their business, you are an asset to them. There are however many complications associated with shipping sensitive materials and dual-use goods to foreign countries. To begin with, every country has their own specific set of rules, regulations and customs law, a single misstep in the application process can cause heavy delays, potentially soiling your relationship with these new clients. Additionally, there are many documents to prepare that must be completed correctly the first time to ensure compliant clearance. These include but are not limited to permits, licences, freight delivery waybills, and commercial invoices.

Shipping Your IT Equipment Across Borders requires extensive documentation

Preparing all the necessary paper work can be an involved undertaking, however by hiring a global distributions partner that can act as your importer of record, you can rest assured that your shipment will be cleared in under 10 days. As soon as you find an importer of record you will be harnessing the expertise of professionals who will accurately file all the paperwork you need on your behalf, and apply for all the applicable permits to keep your shipments moving.

One company, TecEx, holds a point of presence in over 120 countries meaning they not only have the ability to clear goods across the globe, but carry vast knowledge about foreign policy, guaranteeing your sensitive equipment will be accepted every time. What’s more is they only charge you the landed-cost quote, even if the receiving country’s laws change throughout the process which offers you transparency and reliability.

They consistently deliver best lead times, benefitting both you and your relationship with clients, boosting your dependability. They also offer a hands-on service by offering you access to an on-the-ground team which works with your forwarder or freight service to ensure timely and safe transfer, you may even use their own couriers if your delivery service of choice does not operate in the specific country or location you’re doing business in. Finally, through an online portal you can monitor the status of your shipment in real time, and discuss any matters of concern with your personal client-services executive should any arise.

There are many opportunities for technology resellers internationally because of how fast the sector is growing. By utilizing a global distributions service to aid with the multifaceted legal process that accompanies importing, exporting, and obtaining customs clearance, fostering these international relationships becomes simpler and more profitable. No longer must you hesitate or dedicate countless hours into organizing logistics to secure the clearance of your equipment when there are experts in this field, and in the handling of these materials, that can carry your transaction through seamlessly.

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