Marijuana: A Clarion call

The legalization of marijuana may be an idea whose time has arrived. It is a controversial idea no doubt but the landscape is fast changing and just maybe its time has come. While many Americans oppose the legalization of marijuana, citing the dangers it presents ethically and to the health, many others are of the opinion that the benefits of this wonder plant overwhelms the dangers it pose.

Even though the marijuana plant may not be as dangerous as other drugs, it poses severe health risks to its consumers especially from long-term use. For example it is dangerous to both pregnant and lactating women who ingest it and has been shown to increase criminal tendencies. It also has some adverse social effects which range from dangerous driving to violence.

On the other hand, marijuana comes with its benefits but before looking at these benefits, let’s take a moment to consider this fact – daily, people die from the abuse of alcohol, opiates and tobacco, but never has it been reported that anyone died from an over dose of marijuana and while those other drugs are legal, marijuana isn’t. Now to the benefits of the marijuana plant, it has been discovered that marijuana helps in the elimination of cancerous cells. Looking at the The importance of marijuana cannot be overemphasized, as it is prescribed by medical doctors for patients suffering from refractory and debilitating pain – mental and physical.

Furthermore, there are direct benefits to the economy of the state if the use of marijuana is legalized. Legalization of marijuana would allow for taxation and create an enterprising market place which favors job creation. 

Environmentally, marijuana is a sustainable crop with incredible resourcefulness. If we’re open-minded enough we would realize that agriculturally, hemp grows almost anywhere and very quickly too. With an endless list of products that can be derived from it, including cannabinoid oil. marijuana is an export opportunity that the United States can exploit.

One of the biggest fears which have been expressed as relates to the legalization of marijuana is the dangers it pose to the health. Well, it would surprise you to know that studies revealed over 20 benefits of marijuana consumption you probably never knew. Some of the benefits listed in the study are; 

·         It slows and stops cancer cells from spreading in the body.

·         It prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

·         It relieves Arthritis.

·         It controls epileptic seizures.

·         It soothes tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease.

·         It lessens the side effects of Hepatitis C.

·         It reduces anxiety.

·         It reduces severe pain and nausea from chemotherapy while stimulating appetite.

·         It protects the brain from concussion and trauma.

We could go on and on. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Drug Policy Alliance advocates for the removal of marijuana from the Criminal justice system. The organization believes that it can be regulated like alcohol and tobacco.

The unknown risks associated with smoking marijuana have grown outdated especially with the introduction of cannabis vaporization via the process of vaping. Vaping has been described as a healthy alternative to smoking. While traditional smoking of marijuana produces combustion and harmful gases, vaping involves the vaporization of marijuana using technology protecting the user from the harmful effects of traditional smoking. Vaping preserves a number of the compounds found in the marijuana herb. With the popularity of vaping ever increasing, E-juice, a term used to describe the fluid used in vaporizers that creates the actual vapor, has become a paramount part of vaping around the world. It is a mixture of water, a choice of nicotine, food-grade flavoring, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. E-juice is safe to consume.

With over 64% of the country in support of the legalization of marijuana, the forces against its legalization are weakening. Currently, Washington DC and twenty-nine other states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purpose. California was the first State to do this, although they are yet to legislate for its complete legalization. At the moment only Colorado, Washington, and eight other states have legalized marijuana for recreational purpose. 

Americans need to be more open-minded about this issue as there are several benefits of the plant marijuana for its legalization to be suppressed. The stance against marijuana is lightening as more Americans are lighting up. Even people at the corridors of power are now admitting to it.

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