How Being a Man of God Has Helped Save Thousands

Prophet TB Joshua is the supreme leader of the SCOAN (Synagogue Church of All Nations). He has gained tremendous popularity over the course of his career, starting by preaching to a group of just eight people in the backstreets of Nigeria, to filling the church hall with thousands, while simultaneously being broadcast around the world to millions, in just a few years. For Prophet TB Joshua, this had nothing to do with education, or with luck. It had to do with accepting the Lord into his life, and following His teachings and guidance. To prove this, he cites the fact that, in a single year, he attended at least ten different secondary schools.


For the Prophet, life growing up in Nigeria was hard. He came from an impoverished background, destined never to achieve much. However, he received his calling at a young age and immediately turned his life around. He understood that only through hardship could someone become truly great, and that this was the path of the Lord, which he needed to teach to others. As such, while growing up was difficult for him, going from one school to the next and eventually dropping out altogether, he always saw it as a blessing.

Today, Joshua is known as a true “Man of God”. He feels he was born a Christian and has always only practiced that faith, following the teachings of Jesus Christ. His resolve was only strengthened when, as a child, he had to attend an Islamic school, the Ansar-Ud-Deen school in Ikare, Nigeria. Interestingly, attending this school and remaining true to his faith was one of the challenges Joshua felt the Lord put in his path.

Since starting the SCOAN, Joshua has had to overcome numerous other struggles and barriers. In fact, the church building itself has regularly been destroyed due to natural disasters. For Joshua and his followers, this is proof that they are doing the Lord’s work, and that Satan is becoming worried about their ability to spread the Word of goodness and love. Indeed, SCOAN is known across Nigeria, and indeed the world, for what is known as “miracle work”, healing the sick and less able from their physical, mental, and most of all spiritual problems. In fact, Joshua himself has even helped people to meet their financial needs.

Thousands of people fill the Church halls at SCOAN for every sermon nowadays. All are hoping to be touched by the magic of God. However, for Joshua, there is no magic involved. Rather, it is having the faith that the Lord has a purpose for every individual. He acts merely as a vessel to enable the Lord to do His divine work, and it is in fact He who has healed the sick, provided for the needed, and comforted the weak. The Prophet TB Joshua himself wishes to take no credit for this, encouraging people to understand that he merely does as the Lord tells him.

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