Laser Treatment Can Help Reduce Your Wrinkles

Reduce Your Wrinkles with laser treatment

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No matter how much someone says that they want to grow old gracefully, nobody really likes wrinkles. Yes, each wrinkle has a story to tell and is a sign of a life well lived, but we generally all feel that we looked better without the wrinkles! Luckily, the cosmetic industry is very much aware of this and is constantly developing new ways to help people fight the battle of time. Laser wrinkle removal is one of the techniques that is now available for people who want to once again look fresh faced and young.

What Is Laser Wrinkle Removal?

Laser wrinkle removal, or skin rejuvenation, is a very popular procedure that is used in many elements of the cosmetics industry. It is very good at helping you reduce your wrinkles, but also a range of other skin conditions such as stretch marks, loose skins, and acne scars. The medical field is turning to lasers more and more regularly because it is incredibly precise, giving physicians more control during their procedures. In fact, lasers are found in almost every area of medicine, from cosmetic enhancements to varicose vein removal.

What the laser does is basically encourage the skin to produce new collagen through non-ablative therapy. This means that the skin becomes more toned and tighter, minimizing wrinkles. Collagen occurs naturally in the skin, helping to support it and the other internal structures of the body. Over time, however, collagen levels deplete, which leads to sagging skin. Once the skin isn’t as tight anymore, it starts to show wrinkles. The laser heats up the levels of collagen to just the right temperature to encourage them to vibrate and regenerate. In so doing, they tighten up, pulling the skin together again.

Laser does cause damage to the skin, but this is controlled. Hence, it can be used to quite literally wipe off some of the sings of aging. This includes the loss of elasticity, but also fine lines and wrinkles. The damage to the skin starts to heal, allowing the new skin to grow. This then diminishes all the signs of aging. Naturally, this can only be achieved by having the procedure performed by a qualified physician. They can provide you with all the details you need in terms of what the procedure can and can’t do, how you should prepare for it, and what you should do afterwards.

As you age, the collagen in your skin starts to disappear and this means that the support structures of the skin start to disappear. What laser does is essentially to encourage your skin to replace the collagen that is lost. It is not a permanent procedure, although it does have quite long lasting results. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for all skin types, and if wrinkles are very deep, it is unlikely to be effective. This is one of the reasons why the treatment has not yet been popularized with men, who often have deeper skin folds. Lastly, multiple courses of treatment are sometimes needed before the results really become apparent.

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