How To Become A More Effective HR Manager



There are many things that are said by line managers about HR managers. People simply have different views about what makes a really effective professional in that position. You will hear talks about being excellent, professional and fair but you will also hear about HR managers that are not responsive and simply not around.

According to German Trujillo Manrique, the job of the HR manager is nowadays so much more important than what many think. The position is crucial for modern businesses. However, not much is understood about it, even by those that occupy this position. Because of this, here are some tips that will help HR managers to become much more efficient at the job they do.

Understanding Vision

The HR manager has to understand the vision of the organization and actually challenge CEOs in the event that this is not clear. This is needed because it helps create a vision that is aligned for the HR department. Then, the vision has to be drafted and shared with line managers. This vision is constantly refined, checked and communicated to everyone that needs to hear it.

Setting Objectives

The HR manager has to be clear about the objectives of the organization. These objectives have to be measurable and clear while milestones have to be included. Objectives need to be concrete, deliverable in the considered time frames and tangible. After the objectives are announced, you need to completely stick to them.

Understanding Strategy

The HR manager has to completely understand the strategy of the organization. Then, in order to deliver objectives, the HR strategy has to be completely clear. The human resources department needs to be positioned in a way that will help the business to reach its goals. The goal is almost always long-term development.

Various things have to be taken into account by the HR manager as he/she tries to create an HR strategy that perfectly aligns with the objectives of the business. It is really important to ask questions and get the answers right.

Attracting Good Resources

For the HR department, the most important resource is the people that are hired. HR managers need to assess the current staff, compare capabilities and fully understand what is needed in the future. This is practically impossible without understanding the organization’s strategy, objectives and vision.

Current competency framework needs to be compared to what is considered to be competent in the future. The HR manager has to create strategic HR development plans in order to deliver the appropriate people resources. This is done with the purpose of meeting future and current business needs. Performance management, capability management and personal development systems help do this in a highly accurate way.


On the whole, being a highly effective HR manager is all about knowing how to do the job right. It is important to be sure that you have the right system in place that constantly analyses everything that happens while taking into account what will have to be done in the future for increased efficiency.

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