How Healthy Relationships Can Improve Your Life

We as humans are social beings. Therefore we rely on maintaining close relationships with other people. After all, according to Maslow’s pyramid, the feelings of being loved, or belonging to someone is one of our basic needs. 

We need to have someone who can listen to us, or who we can trust, and be able to openly communicate with.

With those being said, let’s dive in and see exactly how a healthy relationship can positively impact our lives.

1. Mental Health 

When it comes to our mental health, a strong relationship is crucial for keeping it in good shape. As we’ve said before, our brains are hardwired to connect with other people, therefore a healthy relationship assures you that your mental and emotional states are working properly. 

A relationship is shown to reduce stress levels. Think about it. Don’t you feel better after you’ve told someone what a bad day you had? Even more, loneliness is one of the most common causes of depression, so a healthy relationship assures you that this affliction is kept at bay. 

2. It Makes You Feel Stronger 

The old saying “Two heads are always better than one”, can’t be any closer to the truth. Having the ability to hear another person’s perspective in a very important part of making any big decision. Not to mention the fact that we as humankind managed to survive throughout history due to our ability to work as a team. 

In short, having a close relationship with someone will most likely lead to a stronger version of both of you. 

3. It Changes Your Behaviour For The Better

Speaking of personal development, studies have shown that if two people are closely connected, they start to copy the behavior of one another. Let’s say that if you’re a smoker example, yet you’re spouse or girlfriend isn’t. Your chances of quitting are much higher only due to the fact that you’re the only one smoking in her presence.

4. It Makes You Heal Faster 

As weird as it may sound, patients that have more social support have actually gone through better and faster recoveries. It makes sense when you get to think about it. After all, the brain takes a major role in healing our body. And as we’ve mentioned, a healthy relationship leads to a healthy brain, therefore being more efficient in recovery.

5. Lengthens Life Expectancy 

Another interesting fact is that a person with strong social connections can actually live longer than someone who tends to have a much more isolated lifestyle. One study has even suggested that a lack of social life is as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Now that we have talked about the reasons why a healthy relationship can noticeably improve your life, let’s talk about how to start and maintain one. We live in the age of the internet, so finding someone that suits you is not hard at all. There are plenty of apps such as Tinder that are there to help you find your soulmate. 

Keeping in mind that a healthy relationship can only be maintained by communicating with your partner openly at all times. Hiding things from him or her only leads to losing their trust, which is another essential part of the development of relationships.

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Even though everyone is unique and has different perspectives on relationships. Having a few close friends who will always be by our side is very important both for your mental health and your own personal development.

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