Fold the Body! Smart Guitar, ‘MOGABI’

Everyone likes comfort and light products these days. There are no useful big goods anymore since consumers consistently seek smaller and lighter products. 

With this trend, Mogabi is also expecting to launch an innovative smart guitar with the foldable body suggesting extreme portability. 

The Makers of Mogabi Smart Guitar have upgraded the guitar’s structure, which could be played with a stable posture, through various designs and tryouts. You can fold, unfold and lock the body using the hinge at the bottom. Using the rest frames, you can stick them in the groove of the body, with the curved hornlike part headed to the guitar’s head. The mahogany neck and rosewood board add a touch of warmth, and its saddles and nuts made from ox bones express a solid and clear sound. 

There is also a transparent cover that protects Mogabi’s head and strings perfectly and prevents them from getting messy. The cover is also useful for protecting the guitar against other belongings when putting it inside a carrier. 

This smart guitar also has various functions. Original Recording, Multi-Playing/Recording, Record Cancellation, and Bluetooth Paring are those. 

Especially, Mogabi is very appealing to many buyers because it doesn’t require a separate microphone when recording the guitar playing. Also, 300 high-quality songs can be stored into Mogabi’s built-in 32GB internal memory. Lastly, you can download, edit, copy, and share your songs by connecting the guitar to your smartphone or laptop using a C-Type cable. 

In case you made a mistake while recording, you can easily cancel it. Avoid unnecessary recording by pressing on the 3rd nob, which will delete the files immediately.  

The ‘GTR Mode’ automatically sets to the Guitar Mode, which allows natural playing and recording. There is also the Mix Mode, a combination of the GTR Mode and the B/T Mode, and the B/T Mode enables listening to music by pairing other devices like desktop and smartphone with Mogabi. The last one, Sleep Mode can be used by simply pressing the Power Button. This mode is for playing and recording in quiet places, and it consumes a low battery. 

Thanks to 2600mA lithium-ion battery, you can fully charge it within 3 hours and use it for 6 hours in a row. Now, you can busk for long hours without any charging device. 

Mogabi doesn’t have a soundbox, but you don’t have to worry about the sound. It maintains stable sound balance and outputs with the 40mm, full-range speakers, which are loud enough for busking without an extra amp. 

In addition, you can use several functions such as uploading, downloading, mixing, editing, tuning, and various effects through the newly developed Mogabi’s app, which allows not only wide variations of playing but also sharing plays with people all around the world through the music cloud.

Mogabi Smart Guitar launched on Kickstarter which is the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world.

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