What Characteristics Do Great Business Leaders Display

Business Leaders

More and more people are setting up businesses across the United States than ever before, this is leading to more successful young entrepreneurs and more competition amongst businesses in almost all industries. At the other end of the scale there are also many young business failures and many companies going out of business as a result of the competition. All of this means that if you plan on setting up your own business then you are going to need to be at the top of your game in this highly competitive market place in order to succeed.

My buddy Sam Zherka works in business leadership and we were chatting the other day about how a strong business leader at the top of a company is the best way of finding success. In light of this I wanted to talk a little about what makes a great business leader so that you can hold a mirror up to yourself and see if you have what it takes.


The very best business leaders have the ability to inspire those around them, this is not something that just comes naturally and it is a skill which must be worked on. Different people respond to different types of motivation and inspiration and it will be your job as a leader to find out how best to inspire people and tap into it.


To be a strong business leader you must be the single most dedicated person in the room at all times, so much so that it should become infectious. What this means is that you need to give 110% of yourself to what you and the business are doing, you need to leave your personal life at the door and give everything you have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Communication Skills

A great business leader has outstanding communication skills and can convey their messages and instructions with clarity and precision. Being a leader however is not just about the ability to speak and bark orders, it is is also about having the ability to listen to feedback, pay attention to those around them and be able to always lend an ear when someone has a great idea.


As a business leader it will be your job to stand at the head of your business and take the company forward with you. In order to gain the trust that you need from your team, you need to be consistent. This includes being consistent when reprimanding, consistent with praise and consistent in your approach.


No great business leader is without respect and you must work hard to gain this from your peers and your colleagues. Respect is a two way street though and you must also be prepared to offer your respect to others when they have earned it or deserve it. Though respect you can gain the hearts and minds of your team and this will improve your chances of success greatly.