Building A Proper Brand Trust on Your Homepage is Important – Here’s Why

If you’ve been spending much of your time building up your website, then you probably already know how hard it is to grow brand trust, especially that it must be long-term trust to be able to sustain the same levels of success in the future. Trust in your brand means more customers, and without those customers turning the wheels of your business, it will no longer exist. 

There is no point in carrying on with your business in this situation and if you think about it, building brand trust on your homepage is the first matter you should take into consideration before expanding your business, and here is why.

Brand Trust Will Affect Buying Decisions

Many factors will affect a customer’s decision to buy a certain product from an online platform. For starters, a customer will be more comfortable buying a product from a brand that they are familiar with or at least have bought products from in the past. They will also be more willing to buy your product if they find positive reviews and ratings of other people on that product, which means that there is a strong correlation between customer experience and brand trust. Along with this, factors such as product quality, convenience, and price, which you can determine after you review other products similar to yours on the market, will affect their buying decisions and that will eventually build their trust in your brand.

Responsibility Shows How Credible You Are

One of the important factors that show your brands’ trustworthiness, is through exhibiting your business’s responsibility and authority. Having blog posts, reviews, etc. talk about how your brand prioritizes its customers’ interest over its profits will give you credibility. Of course, this poses the question of how your writers and bloggers do this, or the more accurate question would be how many backlinks do I need for each blog post to create authority? This useful SEO technique is necessary to bring your website high up on the search engine result pages (SERPs) which in turn will increase your website traffic. This is where you should start honing your SEO abilities, by using backlinks to your website, preferably your homepage, and using anchor texts that search engines can recognize and prioritize in SERPs, like your brand name and URL written in the form of “”. It should be noted that SEO and backlinking can’t increase your brand trust alone. You should be truthful about responsibility for putting your customers’ experience over your profits and provide great content for your SEO strategies to work.

Your Customers Will Be Loyal to You

Everyone has that one brand that they always like to purchase from, irrespective of pricing. As long as that product has the name of that brand, they are sure that they’re safe buying this product. In fact, 8 out of 10 in the US said that they will continue buying products from a brand they trust rather than buying from other brands, even if a brand becomes trendier than the one, they are loyal to. They’ve also claimed that they will recommend this brand to their friends and family. What’s even better is that they will pay more for the services of the brand they trust even if there’s another brand that gets better reviews. Gaining this level of trust and loyalty can certainly be difficult, but the results will be surprising, and it will establish long-term success for your company.

Customer Experience Will Give Your Business a Boost

As we’ve mentioned before, there is a tight correlation between customer experience (CX) and brand trust. There are no customers, for example, who’ll willingly trust in the brand that has terrible customer service. CX includes appropriating good customer service for your clients (a 24/7 service is a must if your business is global), an excellent shipping service that allocates adequate shipping fees and delivers shipments on time, and communication with your customers on your website. The latter is important for customers so that they feel comfortable knowing that you are open to their recommendations and complaints. Setting grounds for great customer experience will increase trust in your brand by default and will make customers more inclined to buy products from you due to your brand’s transparency and quality.

You should be aware that almost 86% of buyers are willing to pay more if the CX of your brand is better, 73% make their buying decisions based on the quality of your CX, and 65% will consider their purchasing experience greatly based on the customer’s experience and not advertising. You should also know that the easiest method to earn trust immediately is by simply doing what your customers are expecting of you, which can be done through research and enhancing your CX.

Brand Image Controls the Success of Your Business

Let’s face it, your business will not succeed if you don’t have a good brand image that can last a long time. All your work efforts are exerted for bettering the quality and trustworthiness of your brand. Without quality there is no trust; hence, customers are likely to buy from other brands. Therefore, all the efforts that go into enhancing the quality of your products won’t matter as long as customers don’t trust your brand.

This also applies to your visibility on the internet. You can say that trust in your brand’s quality also goes hand in hand with your visibility. Your brand image won’t succeed if there is no image, to begin with. Don’t expect customers to immediately invest their money in your products if they haven’t even heard of your brand before. This is why SEO marketing is crucial for your brand’s success. As we’ve noted above, backlinking is a good way to bring in traffic and more customers, but there are also different ways to make your brand visible with SEO, like optimizing tags and writing quality content. 

Don’t slack on building trust in your brand, because as disappointing as this is, you’re likely to lose 9 out of 10 of your consumers if your brand lacks proper trust. Brand trust can indeed be difficult to come by but perfecting some of the methods mentioned here should do the trick for you. 


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