How to be a Better Public Speaker

There are many times in life where you will have to get up in front of a crowd and speak, whether it be in your personal life, your school life or your professional career, these can be scary times if you don’t enjoy speaking in front of a group of people. There are those were born to speak in front of people and these are the people who you can learn form if you want to improve your skills.

I am a regular follower of TB Joshua, the pastor, prophet and founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), watching the pastor give his weekly sermons is an exciting event and the pastor speaks with confidence and passionate in a way that you cannot help not be captivated by. It is people like Joshua who display the great skill required to speak publicly and if you want to improve your skills then here are some ways to do so.

1262px-john_baldacci_speaking_at_podium_august_12_1995Practice and Preparation

In order to give the best public speech that you can, you need to ensure that you are incredibly well   prepared, this will give you great confidence going in to your speech and it will help you to avoid making mistakes during it. The ideal is that you can simply stand up in front of a crowd and speak but in reality, this can be very difficult to do and leave you feeling more nervous. The best approach then, is to write and rewrite your speech long before the event in order to ensure that you have made it the best that it can be. Once you are confident that your speech is ready, practice it many times, a great tip is to record your speech and then watch it back so that you can highlight any changes that you need to make.

Body Language is Vital

Utilizing body language when you are giving your speech is absolutely vital, it serves not only to make your speech far more engaging to the audience, but it can help you control your breathing and quieten your nerves. You should be using your arms and hands to make key points and convey emotion, open up your frame to look commanding and breathe better and even walk around a little to look and feel more relaxed.

Let Your Personality Shine

Many people think that good public speaking is putting on the Queen’s English and speak at a monotone level, this will make your speech dull and people will switch off. The best thing you can do is to let your personality shine through your speech, this will get people’s attention far easier and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when delivering your speech.

When it comes to being really good and naturally at giving public speeches, the only real way that you can find great success is through experience, if this is your first time speaking in public then the truth is that it will be slightly uncomfortable. If you can approach it with a positive attitude however then everything will turn out just fine.

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills