The Best Way to Stop Noise and Vibration



Noise and vibration can be more than just annoying, they can cause serious damage, and with tight government controls, it can have a serious impact on a major development, with serious costs to follow. A good management plan would definitely include noise and vibration monitoring, and whether you are tearing down an old building, or constructing a new one, in order to get approval, you must have evidence that noise and vibration levels are below the limits set by the government.

Noise Monitoring

This is an essential service in the inner city, especially with large construction projects, and fortunately there are specialist companies that provide this service. If you happen to be in Australia, SERS provide noise monitoring services, and with state of the art devices, they can accurately measure noise levels from a range of strategic locations around the site. The company would understand how important this is, and with their knowledge of laws and regulations, they can advise the client on every aspect of noise or vibration monitoring.

Vibration Monitoring

Imagine a large commercial development in the city, with massive machines pounding away with pile drivers to break up the old concrete. This might cause a very high level of vibration, and that could endanger the structures nearby, which is why it is essential to monitor the vibration levels, and take preventative measures if those levels start to get too high. The environmental impact could be huge, and that is why the laws are in place, and by enlisting the help of a specialised company, your project will go ahead as planned, and with no negative impact on the environment.

Professional Feedback

By using a specialised company to monitor noise and vibration, you will receive valuable feedback about your initial plans, and also helpful advice if they think they can improve on anything. They would have many years of experience in working on urban developments, and would have a wealth of experience to share. Major civil engineering projects must also provide data on both noise and vibration levels before final approval will be given, and by using the right company, this can easily be achieved and the deadlines will be met.

The Ideal Plan

You could outsource the noise and vibration management planning to a third party, and if that company had experience in that field, your project would get the green light, and all the required documents and reports would be submitted. Of course, you would also need noise and vibration monitoring, as this is an ongoing thing, which means you will need to provide regular data that shows you are within the set limits. Noise and vibration testing can be completed with no inconvenience to the client, and with devices that are self-powered, the units can be installed anywhere.

The Right Thing to Do

Keeping a check on both noise and vibration is essential on any large project, especially in a built up area, and by using a professional company to handle this, you can focus on making sure your project is completed on time.