A beginner’s guide to mobile marketing


If you are just starting up a business, we hope that you understand how important marketing is to its long-term success.

In essence, marketing is the art that brands and businesses use to induce their target market to check out their products.

Open your eyes: marketing is everywhere in this world, as it is hard to walk down the street or watch TV and not see some business trying to get your attention.

As you might imagine, the internet is no different, as there are brands that want you to buy things, sign up to their mailing lists, or to click subscribe on their YouTube channel.

It is important to promote your business on the internet, but within this subset of promotion, it is important to not neglect mobile users as well, as they are a rapidly growing percentage of its overall users.

Paul Gravette understands this, as he made it clear to members in his network marketing business how important mobile was in a recent video.

Ready to learn about mobile marketing? Read on below…

 What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the process of promoting a brand to consumers through their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Due to the nature of this medium, those focusing on this method of marketing promote information that is location and time sensitive.

Because people that carry smartphones and tablets are in possession of them at almost all times, these devices opens up marketing possibilities that had not been possible through other channels in the past.

SMS (text) marketing

Mobile marketing emerged in the early 2000’s, when texting first became popular in Europe and Asia. Using information that they had acquired from sellers, certain brands begin to send promotions to owners of phones.

While some people do not appreciate the gesture, this method of marketing is highly effective, as the open rate on these messages are extremely high.

While brands looking to use text marketing have a long list of guidelines to follow to avoid being branded as a spammer, the reach of this marketing technique makes it worth the trouble of jumping through the necessary regulatory hoops.

Push notifications

The push notification is another popular vehicle for mobile marketing. Push notifications are messages that are sent by apps that have been installed on your smartphone.

When the author wants to send a message to everyone that has their app, they simply send it as a push notification, causing it to pop up on your phone’s screen, whether you are in the app or not.

Since someone who has already downloaded the app is already emotionally invested in the product, this marketing technique is much more likely to work then a scattershot text marketing campaign.

One thing to note is that push notifications have an open rate on Android phones that are double that of Apple, so consider this fact before forging ahead with a marketing campaign through this medium.

QR codes

As smartphones began to ship with optical scanners, it opened the doors for the development of a new type of mobile marketing tool: the QR code. QR codes are specially designed cuboid images that store a URL on a physical, real-world surface.

For example, if you have a flyer advertising your restaurant on a community bulletin board, you could put a QR code on it that, when scanned, will instantly open a map showing where your restaurant is located.

Alternatively, it could take the mobile user to a web page containing the breakfast, lunch, or dinner menus for your eatery.

It should be apparent through these possibilities alone how powerful QR codes can be for your business, so be sure to try out a promotion with them soon, and take notes on the data that you receive.





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