4 Tips for Unmasking Your Vulnerability Being A Leader

While there is certainly nothing wrong with cultivating strength and resilience in our personal and professional lives, the truth is that a refusal to show any vulnerability whatsoever will often lead to career burnout. Here are just a few reasons why opening up as leaders can put us on the track towards a new level of career success. 

  1. Eliminate Fear of Failure

For many people who find themselves falling short of their goals, a deep and resounding fear of failure is often the culprit. Fear of failure is a  particularly poisonous personal belief system since a person who fears failure often avoids taking the risks that would otherwise lead them to success.

When we allow fear to determine our path, we will often settle for a lesser version of ourselves to ensure that we don’t fail. That is an outcome that no person should have to go through, as failure is a part of life – one that is essential to help us learn and grow as people.

  1. Open Up at Work

For many leaders, showing vulnerability at work may feel like a difficult concept to put into practice. Many leaders feel a need to emulate the strong, silent type of manager that has been prevalent in notions of personal strength for hundreds of years. This is usually because it is thought that showing emotion on our part will result in weakness or loss of employee respect. Many people regard leaders who show little or no emotion as distant authoritarian figures.

Showing vulnerability humanises you and allows you to have difficult, or sometimes uncomfortable conversations with colleagues—and almost any company culture could improve by having more difficult discussions. Far from being a vulnerability, demonstrating an emotional connection to our teammates can often be our greatest strength as leaders.

  1. Faking It Til’ You Make It

Deep down, we may feel at work as though we’re not qualified for our job. When everyone around us seems confident and energetic, it can be difficult to feel as though we fit in. The good news is that by acting the part of the person that we want to be, we’ll often develop the qualities that we’re looking for as people.

Becoming a truly confident person isn’t an overnight process, of course, but with practice and self-belief, we’ll get to a place in life where we can handle any challenge that comes our way.

  1. Handling Burnout the Healthy Way

When stress levels run high, and the people around us aren’t doing their best, it’s easy to let burnout creep into our daily life. Workplace burnout can result in both chronic irritability and a lack of energy, two qualities that no leader wants to experience.

The good news is that with a healthy self-care regime and a strong sense of personal boundaries, overcoming burnout can quickly become a reality for most people. If you’re experiencing chronic burnout, try speaking to a trusted physician or mental health professional about your feelings. You might find that the ability to discuss the problem with someone else will lead to a better and more relaxing life for yourself and your coworkers.

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